Interviewing policy makers, experts and civil society organisations on children’s rights in Italy: educational insights


  • Aida Kisunaite
  • Matteo Tracchi

Palabras clave:

Children’s rights, Educational policies, Italy, Interview analysis


The article presents a qualitative analysis of key educational issues emerged from 16 semi-structured interviews conducted in Italy between November and December 2019 with policy makers, experts and civil society organisations. This endeavour was part of a wider research entitled “CRIMG – Mainstreaming of children’s rights: multilevel governance perspective” and aimed at investigating children’s rights in educational, health and social policies of Italy and the Veneto Region, as well as of Spain and the Catalonia Region. For the purpose of this contribution, findings and results are drawn exclusively from Italian interviews and selected among those more relevant to educational policy analysis, evaluation, and decision making. They specifically point towards the need for further action to strengthen the recognition of children as rights holders and learners, their right to freely express their opinion in education and
meaningfully participate in the development of programmes that affect their lives, bringing children’s expectations and interests at the core of decisions.